Ross Pearson - Pilot error

Running time
1 min 41 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Our first target was, I'm not very good at French, … on the 12th of July. It was a bomb storage site for V1s. We had to come back because all of our navigation equipment was US. So we came back, and on the way back, I got the plane QDMs. A QDM was a prefix they sent on the message saying like you wanted to fix. We wanted a bearing, not a fix. A bearing. So I was doing this all the way back. And we got in the circuit, or near the circuit, we switch over to the pilot's RT. He had an RT box, and he could call up.

Anyway, he called me up and said, "I'm not getting any joy on my transmitter. I can't get base. I get them. What am I going to do? Come on you useless…" he really didn't use the rude word. Anyway, I got up and went up and I look. And he's cursing and cursing. He was a good pilot and a good man, but on this particular case, he used the whole of the Australian vocabulary of swear words in all honesty. What he didn't realize was all he'd done was press the wrong key and he was transmitting. They took the WAAF operator off the reception because the language was so bad. But he got us back.

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