Ross Pearson - Seasickness

Running time
2 min 3 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We got a very short period in Sydney. We got engaged then. And I came home to Dorothy, and I said, "Right, we've been issued with tropical clothing. We'll be in Australia and I'll be able to come home and see you." So we went off to Port Pirie and we gave in our tropical clothing and got blue clothing.

Got on the ship at Port Adelaide. It was so small. It was a coastal vessel. If looked down at the wharf, it'd be down there. And we had a first-class accommodation in the hold. Two hundred fifty of us in the hold. You'd put your hammocks up at the night and they'd sway with the ... Oh, I was seasick from the time I left Port Adelaide to the time I hit Bristol.

But I used to run a, what do you call, the sweep. Whether Perko Pearson would keep it down, and nobody won it. Oh, God, I was so sick. And also worried because if you suddenly got to Britain having done part of your training, and then got airsick, you'd be LMF, lack of moral fire hole.

So I made it. My God, it was terrible. But what happened? We used to hang our hammocks up and these four mates of mine would say, they'd hang the hammock up and they'd say, "We're going to put a bottle of water, a packet of biscuits, if we're torpedoed, we'll grab that and have something in the back".

They said to Perko, "Aren't you going to put them in my things?" What they didn't know was that I was secretly praying that the boat would be torpedoed and put me out of my misery. I was so crook, I really was."

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