Ross Pearson - Take-off mishaps

Running time
1 min 35 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


This was the sort of thing that could happen to you on take-off. We were lined up and there'd be say, if it was a maximum, there'd be 26 planes going out, one after the other. And at dusk, a Halifax in front of us from B flight had total hydraulic failure on take-off and his bomb doors fell open, the thousand-pound bombs fell out and bounced all over the place.

The flaps were all lowered and the undercarriage collapsed. His aircraft reached the end of the runway and ran through the fence into the field. He's got a full bomb load. He was the luckiest man alive they didn't go off. Now we were waiting for him to go off. A nice way to spend six and a half hours thinking about.

Now the second one, the aircraft in front of us as we taxied down turned on the runway and its brakes were still on, and it took off its brakes and it went into an immediate ground loop. And that's in front of you. And it blew up. So that was again, it wasn't the best introductions to the ...

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