Ross Pearson - Training

Running time
1 min 16 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Training at Parkes was directed at being a radio operator. But you did do flying, and you learned to operate in the air. And the pilots used to take off with you, and when you finished your transmitting exercise, let's say, well in the training area, and one of the ones I was in was a smart aleck.

Oh God. One of them was a smart aleck. He came down and flew across the field where the farmer was ploughing, bounced it down one side of the farmer, and over the top of his wagon. So I decided that wasn't for me. So whenever I finished my transmission, the pilot would say, "What's behind in your trailing aerial?" I never was over the line in my trailing, always got caught. I wasn't going to get caught in all that sort of aerobatics.

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