Ross Pearson - WAAF blackouts

Running time
57 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Eight or ten of us went to Whitley Bay. Now, Whitley Bay was the commando training school for the RAF regiment. Full of pomp and, not pomp but ceremony. I mean, when we were in the hotel, we'd get up about 9:00 and go out and have a walk around town. There you were up at 6:00 and you saluted the flag as it went up.

Now, that didn't suit us exactly. We'd been there a week, and dawn broke and the flag goes up. The RAF ensign and a pair of WAAF's blackout's, WAAF's pants up on top of it. There was hell to pay, and they knew it must have been the Australians, so they canceled our leave. Weekend leave was gone. First parade on the Monday, the flag pole's cut down. And after that, there was a truce, except at the end.

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