Roy Cornford - 21st birthday

Running time
59 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Roy Cornford:
I had my 21st birthday on the railway, and the night I had my 21st birthday, we went to work and it was about midnight, and we were still at work, and they brought us out the rice and some sweet potato soup. A chap sitting next to me said, "Oh, geez," he says, "I got a bit of meat," and he's holding it in his hand and he's chewing away, and someone says, "Oh, give it to Corny. He's 21 today." And he says, "No," he says, "I never had this," and he held it to the light, and he had hold the leg of a frog.

A frog must have hopped into the hot soup, our sweet potato soupy water and got killed, and he says, "Well I've ate half of it, I might as well eat the rest," so he ate the rest of the frog. So I never got any meat.

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