Roy Cornford - Brushing your teeth on the Burma-Thailand Railway

Running time
1 min 9 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Roy Cornford:
In that camp you could buy a few things and clean your teeth, or if you didn't have an old toothbrush you used to fashion bits of ends of bamboo stick to rub your teeth with. And you had no toothpaste, well I used to use pot ash, ground a little bit of charcoal up and get pot ash and just scrub your teeth with a bit of a bamboo that you've fashioned on the end of it.

But then not long after that, I was down at the tap one day and there was a toothbrush there where a Jap had been down and he'd left it. So I took the toothbrush and took it back, and I disfigured the handle a lot in case anyone came around looking for it, and washed the best I could, and then I had a toothbrush for the rest of the time there. But then when we chosen to go to Japan, there was a lot different thing then.

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