Roy Cornford - Enlistment with a close friend

Running time
57 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Roy Cornford:
I applied to join the Navy first, and I had to go for an exam and I didn't pass the exam, so that told me I'd have to wait awhile. And my mate says, "Well, I'm going to join the Army." I said, "Well I might as well join with you." So we both joined the Army. But when we were taken prisoner of war, he was in the first group that was sent to Borneo to work. And I was sent a Burma. Well, he died in Borneo about six months after getting there, of pneumonia.

When did you find that out?

Roy Cornford:
I didn't find that out until after I came home.

Roy Cornford:
Yeah, a very close friend. We worked on the same jobs at the steelworks. Went rabbiting and poisoning rabbits and trapping rabbits together.

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