Sydney Kinsman - Captured and escape to Switzerland

Running time
1 min 47 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We captured Tel El Eisa. Two sections of us were left we didn't know the rest of the battalion had fallen back to higher ground and we were captured and we were taken to Italy and put into what was called the bad boys camp, then we were sent out to work camps, well three of us escaped from there and we walked across the Swiss Alps into Switzerland and the first three days it rained and they couldn't find us, you know, in the mountains.

So long as we could get some distance away from there and then we just marched and walked on. We had to change from our uniforms to civilian clothes and we only had ordinary shoes and that, yet we walked right across the mountains into Switzerland.

The mountain people were very good and we were in the French Italian section and they were very, quite kind to us but you couldn't trust anybody so we just, even when we were given a bed at night-time we'd just jump out the window and just wander off because you didn't know who you could trust so we just kept plodding across the mountains.

We surrendered to a guard post and they said they'd been watching us for hours coming down the mountains on their side and they were quite good and then when the second front came, we came out through Geneva into France and back home to join our own army again.

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