Sydney Kinsman - The front line

Running time
1 min 39 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Mostly you kept awake at night-time to fight off any patrols our anything because we'd go out to a listening post out from our front lines and our patrols would be out at night, actually we owned No Man's Land.

Our patrols were out guarding the perimeter every night and it was just one big battle of the night and it was pretty dusty in the desert and to dig your trenches, where you had to dig them, they were rocky. It was sort of a rocky desert and you couldn't go down, sometimes you'd only be that deep in the trench so you had to keep your head down all the time.

You had the heat of the day and at night-time, the cool, the desert nights and that, especially if you had to be out at a listening post just laying there waiting for the enemy to come. You had your minefields but you had your path to go through them. You had your tripwires and all different things like that and your barbed wire and all that surrounding your own post.

There was no continuous trench system. There was a section post here and one would there and the next one would be over there. That's how the front line went but it was never ever continuous like a trench system was in the First World War.

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