Sydney Kinsman - Patrolling

Running time
1 min 1 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


You just go out trying to look for the enemy or trying to get the strength of the enemy. You're testing the enemy all the time. You go out and you're probing here and probing there. Or you might  a German patrol or an enemy patrol in the desert. You just do your work and hopefully you get back to your own front line.

Then we had a special group that would be behind the line and they'd come up of a night-time and do all these patrols and we used to do our own from our own trenches where we would have a listening post to warn the trench system that the enemy was approaching and things like that but every night we had patrols out there so I think the enemy was on their toes knowing that the Australians were in No Man's Land every night.

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