Sydney Kinsman - Wounded in the front line

Running time
2 min 19 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We were in there, in the normal trench system and then we were transferred back to what they call the blue line which is the second line of defence and it was the first time we'd sat above ground for about a month because back in the blue line because you were away from small-arms fire and you could lie on the ground there at night-time and then round about lunch time all hell broke loose.

The big guns were firing at us and the planes were coming in strafing us and everything so we knew something was going on in the front line and that was when the salient was formed. We were taken in by that and what really happened was, they decided, that was when the Germans took a section of the front line, they decided to send us straight back in.

It was yes and no going on all the time and they raced us in but it was too late at night time and we dropped short of the front line and by the time we got to a certain point where the artillery thought we were, we weren't, and then that created a bit of havoc and that because their guns opened up on us again and that was when the front line was gone and it was that night that I received a bullet wound and anyway that's where we formed the front line so it was the trench system that we built.

You could only go down about waist deep in that section of the desert. I was sent back to the, not the reserve battalion, the reserve company, and then when I came back to report, you know, they were nowhere to be seen and that's when the machine-gun opened up and I just happened to cop a bullet. It was a flesh wound fortunately for me. It was about seventeen hours before I was treated. You don't run away from scratches like that.

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