Salamua [AWM F01867]

Australian and US troops around Roosevelt Ridge in the Mubo-Salamua area. The film contains images of Corporal Leslie Allan, MM. August 1943.

War on the roof of New Guinea [AWM F00722]

Bulolo airfield, Wau, overlooking Salamua.

The Battle for Wau [AWM F00722]

Their recovery [AWM F02617]

POW repatriation [AWM F07436]

On 2 March 1946, 2500 Japanese, Formosan and Korean nationals – former prisoners of war and internees – embarked on the Daikai Maru. The prisoners arrived at No 1 wharf Balmain in Sydney’s inner west and were immediately taken on board after an identification check.

Major General Eric Plant and Lieutenant General Frank Berryman accompanied by Commander Knight, Royal Naval Reserve, carried out an inspection of the Daikai Maru and watched the prisoners go aboard.

Italian POWs arrive [AWM F00529]

Passing out of Officer Cadets [AWM F07122]

On 25 November 1944, Sergeant (Sgt) Lindsay Bear DCM MM, Sgt Tom Derrick VC DCM and Sgt Reg Saunders were presented with their pips at the passing out parade at the Officer Cadets’ Training Unit (OCTU) Seymour, Victoria.

Sgt Saunders was the first Indigenous Australian to be given a commission in the Australian Army.

Aborigines: Soldiers of the King

[AWM F00519]

Women's Land Army [AWM F00601]

Women's Land Army - all Australians were encouraged to contribute to the defence of Australia and films like these were made to demonstrate the ways in which Australian women could contribute to the war effort. This video encourages women to volunteer for the Australian Women's Land Army.

W.A.A.F.'S Step Out [AWM F00601]

'Victory Suit' [AWM F01641]

Mr John Dedman, Minister for War Organisation of Industry, introduces the new austerity-style 'Victory Suit' to journalists.

Saving labour and material

...a 'Complete Victory Outfit'

Army Salvage

Discarded uniforms become smart suits for emergency use

Making gold bars to aid war funds [AWM F01468]

Give us this day [AWM F07052]

American Admiral of ANZAC [AWM F00338]

Around the clock at American Service Club [AWM F00357]

Air Observer Corps doing vital war job [AWM F02095]

VDC - Civilian Army [AWM F00567]

The New Front Line – a video produced by the Department of Home Security. [AWM F01763]

Australia helps Russia prepare for winter. [AWM F00357]

Armoured fighting vehicles – Australian made! [AWM F0601]

The V.D.C. on Parade! [AWM F00601]

A sermon on the sandhills. [AWM F01227]

War photographer and cinematographer Frank Hurley shot this silent film on 29 September 1942 in the Alamein sector where Salvation Army Padre Commissioner Bill Tibbs was leading a service in the sandhills.

Gas alarm

This silent film taken by war photographer and cinematographer Frank Hurley shows nurses of the 2/5th Australian General Hospital receiving instruction on gas respirators in the western desert in April 1941. [AWM F01078]

Father Christmas under shellfire

This silent film taken by war photographer and cinematographer Frank Hurley in December 1942, less than 2000 yards from the German lines, shows the men purchasing gifts for their families. [AWM F01831]

Red Shield on the Battlefront

This silent film shot by war photographer and cinematographer Frank Hurley in 1942 presents images of the Salvation Army in the Western Desert. [AWM F01827]

Sapper Bill Rudd [No: 0200, Australians at War Film Archive]

Bill Rudd was a sapper with the 2/7th Field Company, Royal Australian Engineers in the 9th Australian Division at El Alamein. In this interview excerpt he discusses the night of 26-27 July 1942 when more than 400 officers and men in the 2/28th Battalion were forced to surrender to the Germans at Ruin Ridge.

Kokoda Front Line! [AWM F01582]

Sydney shelled [AWM F00349]

East Coast attacks [AWM F00349]

Eight men... [AWM F00348]

Japanese raid... [AWM F00348]

The sinking of the Kuttabul [AWM F00348]

Macdhui meets her end. [Fox Movietone News Vol. 13 No. 33. AWM F00355]

Scenes at Port Moresby

March - April 1942 filmed by Squadron Leader J.F. Jackson DFC. [AWM F04911]

Action stations [AWM F00355]

Hit and run [AWM F01615]

From Men of Timor filmed by Damien Parer.

Ruins of Baalbek [AWM F001138]

Some extraordinary shots of Australian troops sightseeing amongst the ruins at Baalbek, Syria (now, Lebanon).

Damascus [AWM F001139]

Hurley’s film clip shows the bazaars, vendors, mosques and local craftsmen in Damascus, Syria. 1941.

Special delivery: An Anzac Letter from Syria [AWM F00302]

An excerpt from a Fox movietone newsreel showing the Australians in the Syrian Campaign, 1941.

The drive on Beirut [AWM F00302]

An official film taken by war photographer and cinematographer Frank Hurley showing the drive on Beirut by the Australian 7th Division during the Syrian campaign in 1941.

A Lebanese welcome to Australian troops [AWM F01128]

Frank Hurley’s film captures the arrival of Australian troops in the Syrian village of Abbe and the presentation of a gift of grapes to Lieutenant Fred Terry, 1 Australia Corps Salvage Unit.

Wounded in Crete [AWM F00310]

After Bardia [AWM F01062]

Matron Annie Sage and her nurses at the 2nd Australian General Hospital at El Kantara, Egypt, look after Australians wounded at Bardia in January 1941. The film which was shot by official war photographer George Silk shows the very harsh desert conditions faced by everyone who was based there. It includes the distribution of Red Cross comforts and magazines to the patients as well as a visit by General Sir Thomas Blamey.

Wounded Anzacs return on the Oranje [AWM F00310]

Aussies evacuate Tobruk
A news item of the Australians' evacuation of Tobruk in October 1941. The film was produced by the AIF Cinema Unit. [AWM F00825]

Australian troop convoys in the Middle East [AWM F00310]

Private Richard ‘Gordon’ Hughes was a Field Ambulance stretcher bearer in 2/8th reinforcements in Syria, Lebanon, Tobruk and El Alamein. In these excerpts from his interview he describes some of his experiences at Tobruk.
[No: 0049, The Australians at War Film Archive]

Armoured fighting vehicles – Australian made! [AWM F0601]

USA journalists give us the once over. [AWM F01468]