Twelve new Peace Operations summaries

When Mozambique gained independence from Portugal in 1975, the country plunged into a long civil war. Australians were among the peacekeepers who provided assistance through the United Nations. Learn more about Mozambique and other peacekeeping operations involving Australia.

A crowd of people in colourful clothing, including women with headscarves, queue under some trees outside a cement building with a banner that reads ASSEMBLEIO DE VOTO #3589

World Wide Effort: Australia's Peacekeepers

We presented copies of World Wide Effort: Australia's Peacekeepers at the 75th Anniversary of Australian Peacekeeping national service. The book gives a historical account of Australians as global peacekeepers, peacemakers and peacebuilders. The revised edition is now available to download or read online.

Veterans' stories: their words

We gather stories of ordinary Australians who've had extraordinary experiences serving in wars, conflicts and peace operations all over the world

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Women's Services podcast

DVA's Dr Fleming explores the role of the women’s services, both overseas and in Australia. Hear stories from those who contributed to the war effort.

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