Memorial sites to visit in Australia and overseas

Learn more about Australia's involvement in wartime and peacekeeping missions by visiting memorial sites and museums, in Australia and overseas.

Remembering ... in many ways

Wherever you are in Australia, in small towns and large cities, you can find a war memorial.

Community war memorials come in many forms:

  • honour boards
  • park benches
  • obelisks
  • statues
  • swimming pools
  • memorial walls

Some memorials commemorate individual veterans who have served. Many of them focus on a particular conflict or the role played by a specific group of veterans.

If you visit sites of battles significant to Australians, then you might also find memorials dedicated to Australians in those locations.

We are also lucky to have spectacular museums in Australia and overseas.

Find out about:

A memorial obelisk in South Perth dedicated to all those who served Australia in wars and conflicts, Remembrance Day 2019

Last updated: 31 March 2021

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