Wars and peacekeeping missions involving Australia

As time passes, fewer and fewer Australians have experienced war, with all its horrors and loss. Or the sense of fellowship and achievement during military operations. We gather stories of those who have served so we can recognise their service and sacrifice and remember those who have died.

Australia's experience of war

Australia's involvement with war began in the Colonial period:

  • maintaining civil order, as in the Castle Hill and Eureka rebellions
  • suppressing the resistance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to British settlement
  • serving in New Zealand, the Sudan, the South African (Second Boer) War and China (Boxer Rebellion)

After Federation, Australia's experience of war helped shape our sense of ourselves as a new nation. As a community with a distinct ethos and way of life. Praise for Australian service personnel during World War I helped Australia to gain international recognition as an independent nation.

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Australian soldiers from 5 Platoon B Company 7RAR waiting for an airlift from an area north of Phuoc Hai on 26 August 1967, during the Vietnam War AWM EKN/67/0130/VN

We help new generations to understand, investigate and value these wartime experiences. Telling the stories of Australian veterans helps us to:

  • recognise those who served
  • remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation

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