Planning an Anzac Day service or a commemorative event


We've created all the resources you need for a commemorative ceremony or service. You can use them on Anzac Day, Remembrance Day and other important days. We do this to recognise and remember the service and sacrifice of our veterans and serving personnel.

Help with your event

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Suggestions for all events

Order of service

Music and anthems

Ode of Remembrance


Ideas to involve everyone

Anzac biscuits

Poppies to make

Wreaths to make

Personal commemorations

Kitbags for hosting an event

To help you commemorate, we have released 2 packs of printable resources:

Anzac Day Kitbag

Remembrance Day Kitbag

Why commemoration is important

What these men did nothing can alter now.
The good and the bad, the greatness and the
smallness of their story will stand. It rises, as
it will always rise, above the mists of ages,
a monument to great-hearted men, and, for
their nation, a possession for ever.

[CEW Bean, Official History, Vol. VI, p1096]

Commemoration happens when people remember a person, a group of people or an event. Australians often commemorate with others at a public ceremony, but it can be done alone.

We can commemorate through:

  • community gatherings in council regions, schools and small towns
  • formal ceremonies at state and national services
  • personal activities and reflections at home and in schools
  • real and virtual visits to distant battlefields

Whatever form it takes, commemoration focuses on the contribution and sacrifice of veterans and serving personnel across time. It involves honouring, remembering, thanking and renewing connections with those who have served.

We observe many different days of commemoration in Australia.

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