The Curriculum Sharing Project was designed to provide a platform for teachers to share with their peers curriculum units they have written and taught in the classroom on Australia’s wartime and peacekeeping history. The History Teachers’ Association of Australia administered the project and selected curriculum units aligned to the Australian Curriculum: History and/or State and Territory curricula. Successful units have been uploaded on the Anzac Portal as a resource for teachers during the Anzac Centenary period 2014-2018 and beyond.


Curriculum units on the Anzac Portal are a representative sample of what is being used to teach Australia’s wartime experience and their intended use is for education purposes only. Teachers are advised to use due care and diligence according to their personal and school philosophies when using sources from any curriculum unit that may include content that could prove unduly distressing to students.

The Human Face of War: The First World War and Beyond

Ann Parry

Year 6 | Australian Curriculum

Anzac Day for Young Australians in Year 3

Heather Lewis

Year 3 | Australian Curriculum

Year 3 History—Fortifying North Queensland

Melanie Menzies & Shantae Ryle

St Mary’s School, Bowen QLD

Year 3 | Australian Curriculum

Who is that soldier in the carpark?

Jane Batham

Our Lady of the Rosary School, Kenmore QLD

Year 2| Year 3 | Australian Curriculum

Australia's under-18s during World War I

Kerry Moyst

Year 6 | Australian Curriculum| NSW Curriculum