Olga Anderson - Nursing and steak picnics

Running time
1 min 26 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Well, I suppose nursing was sort of in our family. There were five girls in our family and five of us were nurses. My eldest sister had one certificate. The second sister had three certificates. The next one had two. I had two and the next one was an enrolled nurse.

So that's five of us… We went to Toowoomba and they ... we took over the Glennie, the private school for girls, and they also took over Downlands, the boy's school. And those were our hospitals…We used to go to the dances of a night-time, but we'd just go on picnics, I think. Steak picnics is what we did. What you call a barbecue today, I suppose…There was one lady who had a car, and we used to just go on picnics.'

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