Veterans' stories

Our team of qualified historians meets with Australian veterans to gather their stories.

We share the extraordinary experiences of ordinary Australians. They have served in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations all over the world.

Personal reflections help form our understanding of wartime history. As memories, oral histories give a glimpse into an individual's experience. They are not an exact account of war.

We hope you enjoy these videos and learn something new. Be mindful that some veterans have witnessed or lived through some traumatic events that are reflected in some videos. Please read archival documents and other sources to explore each topic further.

We also encourage you to collect your own oral histories. Start with our handy guide to recording veteran interviews.

These videos contains personal recounts of soldiers’ experiences in wartime. The material is sometimes confronting and disturbing. Sometimes words or images make people feel distressed or sad. Please be sensitive when sharing this content with others. It might trigger traumatic memories for anyone with personal experience of conflict or military service.