108 Field Battery in action

Running time
2 min 20 sec
Date made
Place made
Vietnam: Phuoc Tuy Province
Australian War Memorial

In the recent 'Operation Paddington' in Phuoc Tuy Province, Vietnam, the 105 millimetre towed howitzers gave invaluable artillery support. Officers and troops of Australia's 108th Field Battery, 4th Field Regiment, were kept busy in their command post, plotting targets - and the gun crews were quick to respond. The howitzers were elevated to engage their targets, in one of the biggest offensives yet mounted by the Allies in the Province. Loading of the big howiters went ahead with speed and precision an indication of the intensive training these Australian gunners have received. Sights had been laid ammunition was quickly manhandled into position and with the order to fire the howitzers thundered out their lethal charges of artillery support. The firing continued with incessant regularity. The troops who took part in 'Operation Paddington' helped tp clear an area that had previously been dominated by the Viet Cong for more than seven years.

108 Field Battery in action during Operation Paddington in July 1967. [AWM F03896]

This film depicts elements of 108 Field Battery in action during Operation Paddington in July 1967, a 'hammer and anvil' operation conducted in conjunction with United States forces aimed at destroying the 274th Viet Cong Regiment. Despite this being the largest operation so far conducted by the Australian Task Force, the Viet Cong managed to slip away into the May Tao hills. The video depicts shirtless gunners in action as they receive target instructions and makes clear the strenuous nature of their work.

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