Arthur Loudon - ME109

Running time
1 in 18 sec
Place made

Department of Veterans' Affairs


If I got up and stood behind the pilot I could see what was going on but you see, the navigator, sitting in the kite, you've got your pilot and engineer there, and then you've got a curtain which you can pull across to keep the navigator and wireless operator without, it was night time so you'd have your light on to work by, so the light wouldn't go on and reflect the windscreen, the skipper, it would show outside. If there was fighters up above you, they'd see it.

Our rear gunner shot down an ME109. They used to get up above the bombers and some of them would drop a flare and see, and dive down into you, in amongst the mob to try and shoot them down and that's what happened when the rear gunner got the plane. He just come straight down, and the rear gunner got him as he went by. So, one way or the other, it all works.

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