Bill Purdy - D Day 'An endless row of boats'

Running time
1 min 34 sec

Department of Veterans' Affairs


It had no real significance for me it was another operation basically, and no one knew that, certainly I didn’t know, that that was the big day. But we went across through bad weather, which we never would had flown into normally, but that was why we went out I guess. One of the reasons of the success was that the Germans thought that no one in their right mind would start an invasion when the weather was that bad. But having bombed the gun emplacement on Pointe du Hoc, and turning him around to come home, it was on, you could just see an endless row of boats as far as the eye could see thousands of them. And as I have said before, there were 5000 small boats bringing in the first 130, 000 troops, and they were guarded by 300 ships of ‘C Line’, including six battleships, and they were proceeded by 300 minesweepers to make sure everything was cleared. So when you can picture those all coming towards you almost at ground level – as I’ve said so often that I could have put my wheels down and taxied back home.

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