Bill Purdy & Ron Houghton - VE Day

Running time
54 sec

Department of Veterans' Affairs


Bill: I was in a little town called Lockley, sorry Broadway in the middle of the Cotswolds. And I had with me a Canadian wireless operator who had been taken prisoner and  just released, and a Rhodesian paratrooper who also had been taken prisoner, just released, and we were both staying with this delightful old fellow whose name was George Spencer Churchill, who was a cousin I think of Winston's. He had this nice little shack of about 86 rooms in the middle of the Cotswolds which I was – we became quite friendly. I used to go up there every time I had opportunity to spend a bit of time with him. So we are in this little town of Broadway drinking ourselves to death with the local cider. And I don’t remember doing it but I have at home a red ensign which they told me later was on the top of the church, and I saw the church later and how I got up there I do not know. So that was VE Day for me.

Ron: I was in a pub in Hull. Having a day off and it was announced in the pub that "the war's over". So there was lots of people clapping and cheering and "more beer and more beer". [I was] just glad that it was over. Glad to see the end of it.

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