Catherine Jose Jackson, meteorologist with Bomber Command, UK video

Running time
1 min 17 sec
Date made
Place made
Department of Veterans' Affairs
Catherine Josie Jackson, now 100, is trained as a meteorologist with the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force remembers the Second World War, 80 years on.


My full name is Catherine Josephine Jackson

My husband went on a night of November 22nd went on a night raid. During the night you had that sort of feeling as if it you know it was not going too well

In the morning when I was going on duty to the Met Office and I got very suspicious because a wireless office corporal was coming towards me, a female. So she said "could you come in for a minute to the wireless room". An I said "Yes"

And unfortunately the first thing I saw was a big blackboard. And on the top line, it had James Brown missing. And that was it.

And she grabbed me and hugged me and said "well I’m terribly sorry but your crew didn't come back last night. We don't know what's happened, we haven’t heard anything, we don’t know. All their listed is missing."

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