Cheryl Pearce - A reflection on Afghanistan

Running time
1 min 12 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Earlier this year, I found it initially difficult. And I just had a thought about it. And I actually was just like, "No, we made a difference. We did our best." And I felt really saddened in some ways for the Afghan security and national forces who, really, who gave it their all. And the ultimate sacrifice by so many that we assisted and trained for the time in the Train Advise Assist when I was there.

And for me, from a gender perspective, for the women that truly believed in their nation, about what it could be, I was quite humbled by what they were trying to achieve. And then saddened that they weren't able, at this time, to be able to realize that. But as Australians, my assessment is that each and every one who served did their best, and we did make a difference.

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