Claire Forbes - Anzac services

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1 min 40 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


He never missed the Anzac services both the dawn and the march, participated and so did Roy, my husband, and then there was the third and final service at the Cross of Sacrifice in Adelaide and they attended those.

I don't recall them missing any them while they were able. They also, those who lived near the city, used to meet regularly for lunch, at least fortnightly, Dad would join them if he could.

There was always a regular 43rd annual reunion which he attended but there was a traditional lunchtime picnic followed Anzac Day and Dad would volunteer for the supplying of food and the menu included Cornish pasties which in those days we didn't have mod cons so it was all hand done, first by my mother and then I took over for many years and made the lunch for them.

Homemade pasties, homemade sauce etcetera and I, of course, got to meet those men. It was more than mateship, comradeship perhaps of all the men who had continued their relationship even after the war.

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