Deniki to Isurava from the air

Running time
48 sec

'The Isurava battlefield - where Bruce Kingsbury won the Victoria Cross.'

See also Into the Mountains: Falling back to Deniki: 12-14 August 1942

[A blanket of thick white cloud shrouds a valley that runs through a jungle-covered mountain range.
Text: Deniki to Isurava.]

VOICEOVER: Looking south from Deniki towards Isurava, the battlefield is in part covered with low cloud as it is on most days and as it was in late August 1942 when the Battle of Isurava, a Japanese victory, was fought. On both slopes of this gorge, 6,000 Australians, Papuans and Japanese fought for five days. 300 men were killed. one of them was the Kokoda Track's only Victoria Cross winner, Private Bruce Kingsbury.]

Text: The Kokoda Track.
Exploring the site of the battle fought by Australians in World War II.
© Department of Veterans' Affairs, Australia 2010.
Music © Mark Douglas Williams 2010.]

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