Jack Bell - Supplying the long range desert group

Running time
1 min 3 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


It was interesting work. Not that we flew on bombing missions but we used to fly in the back of Libya to where the long range desert group used to operate and we'd have predestined times to arrive at a certain landing ground and they wouldn't be there.

We'd land and they'd be up in the hills and we'd unload whatever provisions they'd asked for. They'd drive down and we'd load their little buggies and away they'd go and we'd come back. We did that from August, September, October to November, even after November they pushed on, we used to fly into those places.

We saw one Italian bomber in the distance and we ignored each other, you know, but we were hassled by ME109s but really, we didn't even think about that, you know. You're invincible. You're only kids, you know.

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