John Brownbill - Stolen mine field

Running time
1 min 22 sec

Department of Veterans' Affairs


They were a dedicated enemy and a fair and hard fighting enemy, and they had a bit of a sense of humour and they were meticulous. Our fellows would occasionally walk into booby traps. The Chinese would take a piece of straw and crawl on their hands and knees feeling for mine wires.

They were incredible and on one occasion a mine laying party started laying a minefield and when you do that you have a screen of infantry out and the engineers would lay the minefield and then the infantry would come in through the mine gaps and the engineers come in and they did this this particular night and come daylight, looked out and there were four batches of mines.

The Chinese had followed them in and lifted the mines and put them in in four corners. So that night the boys went out as soon as it was dark and there were no mines there. The Chows must have dug in and taken them away.

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