'King reviews troops on Salisbury Plain'

Running time
6 min 37 sec

King George V reviews Australian troops on Salisbury Plain. The king decorates Australian heroes of Pozieres in the presence of the Australian High Commissioner.

Text description

[On a black screen the words "Pathé Gazette are flanked by two cockerels silhouetted in white circles. Above, text reads, "The King Reviews Australian Troops. Impressive scenes on Salisbury Plain."

Hundreds of troops stand in ranks on a plain. A row of officers stand to attention a short distance in front of them. The King rids with a dozen horsemen past the parade. One rider carries a flag. At the end of the row, an Australian soldier sits on horseback. As the King's group passes, his horse turns skittish. He brings it under control. The King and officers sit on horseback on a large field. As horsemen ride past the king, they salute. One flies a flag. Long ranks of soldiers on horseback parade past. A dark dog wanders out past the King. Soldiers wait in the far side of the field as horsemen ride past. The King salutes as ranks of soldiers in slouch hats wheel bicycles past. Australian soldiers steer horse-drawn carts past the king. The rider bringing up the rear salutes. Ranks of six-horse teams parade past, pulling carts.

A short distance from the King, a soldier flies a flag as hundreds of soldiers march past in neat rows. As they march in unison, the soldiers keep their faces turned towards the King. Beyond the field, hills loom. At the base of the slopes, white smoke rises from buildings. A portly officer sits to the King's right. He speaks with the officer standing beside him. The King has a neat beard. His dark horse moves forward a few steps. The King salutes each group of passing soldiers. HIs horse stamps its front hooves. The parading soldiers hold their rifles on their left shoulders at a slight backwards angle. They parade between the King and assembled soldiers. Between two groups, men on horses ride. The horsemen salute the king. Two-horse teams draw carts. Two soldiers are seated on each cart. Horsemen ride alongside. A horseman rides a short distance in front of infantry ranks. He salutes the King. The King salutes the parade. The portly officer gestures. An officer brings over a document, and shows it to him. The King points toward the parade and speaks to the portly officer.

Text card: Honours For The Brave. The King decorates Australian heroes of Pozieres in presence of High Commissioner.

Soldiers and civilians stand gathered behind ropes near an open space. A few soldiers stand on an elevated platform. In the open area the King stands talking with a stately man who wears a bowler hat and a long dark coat. Officers stand near a table. An Australian in his slouch hat stands to attention. The King steps over, pins a medal to the soldier's uniform then shakes his hand. The soldier steps back, salutes, then turns away. He wears his backpack. One by one, soldiers march up to the King and salute. The King pins medals above the left chest pockets of their uniform, then speaks with them and shakes their hands.

The Rising Sun badge appears in white on a black screen. A semicircle of sword and bayonet blades arches over a crown. Below, two curved scrolls read "Australian Commonwealth Military".]

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