Mission Ridge - Brigade Hill from the air

Running time
52 sec

'The Australians held the high ground overlooking Efogi.'

See also Into the Mountains: Disaster at Efogi 8 September 1942

[Mountains covered in dense jungle roll to the horizon. Aerial footage follows the uneven, rugged line of one mountain ridge.
Text: Mission Ridge near Efogi.]

VOICEOVER: Usually, the Kokoda Track climbs and descends across over row after row of jagged ridges against the grain of the country. Sometimes, as here near Efogi, it follows the line of a ridge crest. On the night before the battle of Mission Ridge-Brigade Hill, the Japanese marched along this ridge from right to left. They used makeshift lamps to find their way. The Australians looking down on them from Mission Ridge saw the line of lights snaking along the crest, but had no weapon with sufficient range to fire on them.

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