Norman Lee and Bob Macintosh - Bombing raids

Running time
1 min 26 sec

Department of Veterans' Affairs


NL: We went to low level bombing to actually put the bombs into the abutment of the bridge. Low level with a delay fuse, four aircraft, with a 27 second delay. Muggins, the sub-lieutenant last in, to get in within the 27 seconds, you could arrive as your leader's bombs were going off. Fortunately, obviously, that never happened. But then as we developed skill we realised it was a nonsense putting four aircraft in with two, we were putting 8,000-pound of bombs into a little Korean bridge. We ended up with just one aircraft and on one occasion we took out a bridge with just one bomb but as you developed skills. Yeah. Good fun.

BM: 77 Squadron in the media has got a good name for accuracy that we could put rockets on any target. We could take out a single truck or we couldn't actually take out a single bridge because they were only 16-pound heads, but you could knock down a building or a locomotive or any of those sorts of things. First go, yeah.

NL: Yeah, I got a locomotive.

BM: Did you?

NL: Yes, I did. On the west, on the east coast.

BM: I never had that privilege.

NL: Yeah, it was in a ... We got off two one thousand-pound bombs and I can tell you taking a Firefly with a catapult with two one thousand-pound bombs is a...

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