Norman Lee and Bob Macintosh - The leans

Running time
57 sec

Department of Veterans' Affairs


BM: The inner ear tells you that you're doing things that you're not. It's very interesting. If you're in cloud for a little while and you're not looking at your instruments, you'll go into a spiral and eventually into a spiral dive until you come out of the cloud or hit the ground. Yeah. Everyone does it.

NL: I once had an emergency landing in … flying in Ireland. An engine fire and I had to do a ground-controlled approach under radar, and I flew that approach with 90 degrees of … to bank on.

BM: I know the feeling.

NL: I was fighting it. My brain was telling me I had 90 degrees to bank on, my instruments were telling me I was level. You really have to fight yourself.

BM: It's called the leans.

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