Norman Lee and Bob Macintosh - Meteors vs MiGs

Running time
1 min 31 sec

Department of Veterans' Affairs


BM: When the Meteor was first taken over to Korea, we were supposed to be top line fighters so we put them up on the Yalu River patrolling trying to keep the MIGs away from the ground attack aircraft and it was a very unequal contest. They were much faster, they could turn better, they had better armament, just a modern aircraft versus a World War Two fighter. So, they, we did shoot down a few MIGs, but they shot down more of us so we were withdrawn from that, put on ground attack. I think I told you the Meteor was the best ground attack aircraft bar none in Korea, it was really quite fortuitous. I don't think anybody even knew how good they were until we started on that. Really, you've only got to grab the controls of an aeroplane and feel the sense of power and freedom that it gives you. It's, I don't know, it's as you said, in your blood.

NL: You've either got it or you haven't.

BM: That's true. Some people don't get it.

NL: Some people. It's just a job. To me it was a vocation.

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