Ray Seaver - Road reconnaissance

Running time
1 min 24 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


The other sort of operation we were doing was road reconnaissance. The idea there was to stop the supplies coming down from the North to the frontline and we got to the point with air superiority, they weren't game enough to travel during the daytime because we had total air superiority. So they used to sneak down at night and the idea then was to take off very early in the morning, take off before light and go up on the roads that you knew were being used so that, we couldn't attack at night because the terrain was so terrible we had to see where we were going but the idea was to catch stragglers.

If you got up there nice and early at altitude where you were safe above the ground, and as the sun came up you could see and catch people who were trying to get those last few kilometres before they had to go and hide for the next night and you would attack them and the same at the other end of the day you would get people who wanted to make an early start and so you'd probably be able to catch those as well but in the meantime you kept them off the roads and kept supplies from coming down.

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