The half-penny slouch hat

Name: Myrtle Sheppard
Date: 1939-1945
Unit: Civilian
Location: Qld, Australia

Since time immemorial soldiers have filled in idle moments with an astonishing variety of activities, ranging from playing board games to making handcrafts using whatever material was readily available.

During World War II some enterprising Australian soldiers made miniature slouch hats from half-pennies. Halfpennies were the lowest value coin at the time and worth about one half of one cent in present day terms. The hats were cleverly made so that the 'Australia' lettering on the coin was on the turned up side of the hat.

This example was given to Mrs Myrtle Sheppard, who believes the hat was made by a soldier either at Thursday Island or at the Shoalwater Bay camp near Rockhampton.

Whatever may be true, the hat represents nevertheless an interesting example of soldiers' handcraft.

The material for this article was supplied by Mrs Myrtle Sheppard of Queensland

Last updated: 3 June 2019

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