Sydney Kinsman's story

In July 1940, Sydney Kinsman enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force while in West Thebarton, South Australia.

Sydney joined the 2/48th Infantry Battalion. He served with the unit in North Africa, at both Tobruk and in the First Battle of El Alamein, as part of both the 7th and 9th Australian Divisions.

Sydney recalled the drudgery of life in the front lines during the Siege of Tobruk, but remembered it as being something you got used to.

During the First Battle of El Alamein, he was part of an attack on the town of Tel El Eisa. Sydney was captured after being cut off from his battalion. As a prisoner of war (POW), he was transferred to Italy. From there, Sydney was sent to a work camp from which he escaped.

Sydney recalled the journey across the Swiss Alps through the French-Italian region of Switzerland. When the Allies invaded France, he left Switzerland and entered France to reconnect with the Allied armies.

He discharged from the army in September 1945.

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