Geoffrey Chapman's story

Geoff Chapman joined the Australian Army in March 1943 at Unley Park, South Australia. He was initially assigned to the 3rd Australian Artillery Training Regiment but after its disbandment he was assigned to the 2/48 Australian Infantry Battalion.

Geoff recalled the fatalism that gripped him during the landing at Tarakan on 1 May 1945. A few weeks later, he received a gunshot wound to his ankles the day before Tom Derrick, VC, was mortally wounded. He remembered Derrick with obvious admiration. He also described the attack made on some Japanese pillboxes, which he had come upon as a forward scout, and the ferocity of the banzai attacks launched against them.

On 19 August 1946, Geoff was discharged from the army. He later worked as an Agricultural Officer in the Department of Agriculture. In 1971, he was appointed as the Senior Officer for the North West Coast of Tasmania.

Geoff provided many years voluntary service to the ex-service community through Legacy, and, in particular, Legacy Widows. He trained and qualified as a Pension Welfare Advocate. He served as a chairman and member of several committees and sub-committees and supported Legacy in fundraising and other welfare activities.

Last updated: 17 November 2022

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