Leslie Hall's story

Les Hall was born in Brisbane in 1929. After school, he worked for the Western Pacific High Commission in the Solomon Islands, Fiji, and Gilbert and Ellice Islands.

Later, Les joined the Australian Army. Assigned to the 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (1RAR), he served 2 tours in Korea: from April to September 1952, and from November 1952 to March 1953.

During Les’ time in Korea, 1RAR took part in a series of operations, including Blaze, Beat Up and Fauna.

Les nearly died on his one and only patrol in Korea. In August 1952, he was part of a working party led by Captain Phil Greville, sent to repair a minefield fence. The group was ambushed while returning to the Australian forward defences. The captain threw Les into some long grass and told him to get down. While Les lay in the grass, a Chinese soldier came upon him and prodded him with his toe. Les tried to feign death but flinched. The soldier then pressed the muzzle of his burp-gun into Les’ stomach but did not pull the trigger. At that moment, the soldier was called away because his colleagues had captured Captain Greville, who was then carried away.

Another close shave occurred when, as a flame thrower operator, he was knocked unconscious by a bullet that deflected off his hat.

When his time with 'K' Force ended, Les decided to transfer to the Regular Army. He had 2 postings to Singapore and another to Hong Kong, as well as lots of trips to Melbourne.

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