Mailout for Remembrance Day 2020

Each year, at 11am on 11 November, Australians pause for one minute's silence in memory of all those who have died in wars, conflicts and peace operations around the world. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. It's an important time to pause and reflect on the important role Australia played in that war. To commemorate Remembrance Day, we have sent these resources to schools, ex-service organisations and community organisations across Australia. We encourage you to explore our content too. You can display the posters proudly as a commitment to commemorating our service personnel.

2020 Remembrance Day posters

We have created two posters to commemorate Remembrance Day this year. They feature Australian Defence Force Personnel and civilians celebrating the declaration of peace on 15 August 1945 and members of the Royal Australian Air Force receiving official news of Japan’s surrender on the radio in North Borneo the same day.

Wartime Snapshot for poster

Designed to support the posters for Remembrance Day 2020, this essay looks at the aftermath of the Second World War on Australia. It includes learning activities to support students and links to further resources.

Patriotism: Century of Service book

This resource is the 10th book in the Century of Service series. This series of books was inspired by the 15 stained glass windows at the Australian War Memorial, with each window honouring a quality displayed by Australians during wartime. Patriotism provides an overview of the exceptional courage and dedication shown by men, women and children on the home front during World War II. It includes student inquiry questions to extend learning through independent research and investigation of topics.

History in Focus cards

New additions to our History in Focus series, these printable postcards provide information in a concise format to display in the classroom and encourage student discussion. These two cards look at the changes to medical air evacuations over time.

Expressions - Commemoration through art

A new educational series to develop students’ understanding of military service, wartime experience, and commemoration, by examining artworks. This first activity in this series features The Sock Knitter, painted in 1915 by Australian artist Grace Cossington Smith. This resource gives background context and inquiry questions to stimulate student-led research and learning.

Why We Remember: P-3 educational activity

A new, visually engaging presentation slide deck for P-3 students. Designed to begin a discussion about the difference between a 'celebration' and a 'commemoration'.

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