Army Minister visits Borneo troops

Running time
3 min 29 sec
Date made
Place made
Borneo: Sarawak
Australian War Memorial

This film shows Dr A. J. Forbes, Minister for the Army, on a visit to troops in Borneo. A Duntroon graduate, Forbes had been a soldier himself and is seen in this film as being at ease with soldiers with whom he shares a joke. (3:28 min - BW - Silent) [AWM F03686]

[A sign reads "3 Battalion. The Royal Australian Regt." Above the writing is the unit badge - a wreath of wattle branches is topped with a crown. The base is a boomerang inscribed with "Royal Australian Regiment". Inside the wreathe a kangaroo stands in front of crossed rifles. At its feet a banner reads "Duty first".

Near jungle, a soldier stands with his arms spread - signalling as a helicopter lands. Civilians in hats and business shirts step from a plane. A burly dark-haired man wears his sleeves rolled up. A soldier standing near a pile of sandbags salutes. The soldier walks the minister past palm-leaf buildings and down a road. He points at jungle-clad mountains. They walk past a tractor and a shed with sandbag walls. Soldiers follow them to a large office building that has low stilts, a verandah and neat palm-leaf walls. A soldier in a cloth hat salutes. A rifle is slung over his shoulder.

A tank has "Discoverer" painted under its turret. The tank backs away. The driver's face is visible through a rectangular window. Another soldier stands in the turret. The tank is on four large wheels. The turret spins. Painted beside the cannon is a badge featuring a wreath, a tank and a crown. The cannon is titled upwards at a sharp angle. Its barrel casing is air-cooled - covered in holes. As the cannon tilts upwards, a rectangular sight in the turret tilts backwards.

Three local men stand in near thick vegetation. One points. They all smile. A helicopter lands. A soldier follows the minister from the helicopter. An officer walks up and shakes the minister's hand. The officer wears a rifle slung over his shoulder. The minister listens as the officer speaks. A second soldier wears a beret. As the minister speaks with a small group of soldiers, he smokes a cigarette. A couple of solders are shirtless. The soldiers and minister laugh. A local man watches the minister and soldiers. An officer leads the minister past tangled vegetation. The helicopter takes off. Soldiers watch it fly away.

A broad dirt road leads into scrubby jungle. A huge bulldozer reverses onto the road, a soldier at the wheel. A bulldozer drives down the road on its large wheels. Flattened trees lie beside the road.]

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