Arthur Gould

Running time
1 min 13 sec

...flew with 75 Squadron at Milne Bay. He tells of the capture of a Japanese pilot.

ARTHUR GOULD: We shot down a Jap Val, a dive bomber thing. And he crash-landed on the beach, well away from us and quite a long way away. And the natives got him and brought him in for interrogation. We found out he was a Jap officer, we were going to have to get stuff out of him. And I was at the strip at the opposite end. And they walked this bloke in. They had him like a pig - they had a pole on the shoulder of this fellow and another fellow - another kanaka - up in front, and they had this bloke strung like a stuck pig with his wrists and his ankles on this thing. His wrists were nearly cut through from the vines. Anyhow, they dumped him in front of the army and they took the thing off him. And he was on the ground there and they were going to talk to him. And an air force cook came up and said, "My first bloody Jap," pulled out his gun and shot him there and then, so we never did get him and interrogate. I don't know what happened to the cook, I bet he was in serious trouble after that. But that was it, he was going to kill a Jap before he finished the war.

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