The Australian veterans' accounts in Kokoda

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The Australian veterans' accounts

Listen to these three Australian veteran stories and answer the following questions.

Colin Richardson

The 'doc' that Colin mentioned in his last sentence was the same man who patched up his wound, thinking that Colin would not survive. Tell the same story, in about the same number of words that Colin uses, but as if you were the 'doc'.

Arthur Gould

Arthur tells a serious story in a light hearted way, as if it was a joke. Do you think he was wrong to do that? After answering this question rewrite the story using words that Arthur would have used if he wished to make the story appear to be a sad one. Write about the same number of words that Arthur used.

Paul Cullen

Paul said that the Japanese soldier in the story was brave and gallant. In thirty words answer this question: Why do you think Paul had that reaction and do you suppose it was common for men on the Kokoda track to admire an enemy that they were trying to kill?

Last updated: 27 March 2023

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