Australia and America Drive Japanese from Lae! (1943) newsreel

Running time
9 Min 1 sec
Place made
United States of America

Copyright expired - public domain

This United News footage records the opening of the Allied attack on Japanese forces at Lae, New Guinea. This is where Australian ground troops met with American paratroopers to help secure the area. US National Archives and Records Administration 1943 - ARC 38977, LI 208-UN-70.


[On screen: RG 208 United News Roll 70. Music. On screen: United News. Australians and Americans drive Japs from Lae!]

Bombers of General Douglas MacArthur's command, bound for Japanese bases in New Guinea. Repeatedly softening enemy resistance with smashing assaults from the air. First phase of new Allied offensives in the South Pacific.

[Sounds of bombs exploding. Music]

Japanese troop transports and cargo ships, blasted and beached.


Second phase of attack. A huge convoy with landing craft moves in to surprise 20,000 Jap troops, known to be in the Lae-Salamaua sector. A naval bombardment precedes the landing. The Australians pile ashore. Trained jungle fighters landing with full equipment, for the biggest combined amphibious operation yet seen in the South Pacific.


Now General MacArthur and Lieutenant General (George) Kenney, Allied Air Commander, launch the airborne attack. United States paratroopers prepare to go into action.

[Music. Sound of plane taking off.]

General MacArthur, in the leading (air) transport, goes to personally direct the combined assault. From the gunners position, he sees his medium bombers lay a smokescreen over the enemy landing field. Action on schedule. Everything according to plan.


Now from the planes, supplies and equipment are dropped, as the airborne striking force, men and weapons, fills the sky with their parachutes.


Coming by land, after a 5-day March, Australian ground forces join the American paratroopers on the enemy's own airfield.


Cutting the tall kunai grass of the landing strip, they prepare for the arrival of reinforcements by air, and from over the mountains come huge DC-3s bringing fresh troops and more equipment, as the combined Australian and American forces join to drive the Japs from the important bases of Lae and Salamaua.

[End of first news story. Music. Onscreen: Allies hurl back Nazis in Italy!]

Latest films of American troops embarking for Italy. the great amphibious force of Lieutenant General Mark Clark bound for Salerno.

[Music. Sounds of bombs and planes.]

Night, and off Salerno, landings are made under a pattern of fire. By daylight, the battle reaches a new intensity. General Clark going ashore to take personal command as wave after wave of Americans, British and Canadians land under fire. Offshore, guns of the Allied fleet blast the Nazis in the hills. Huge landing craft bring reinforcements. Nazi planes are shot from the skies.


Two Allied cargo ships are struck by bombs and set afire. But the 5th Army lands and digs in. Gallant American nurses move right up to the front with the troops, wounded of both sides salute the courage and heroism of these angels of mercy. The Battle of Salerno won, General Alexander and General Clark order their forces to continually advance. Nazi prisoners take the roads back, while some are detailed to bury their dead. As the Allies count the Nazi losses in machines and men, the 5th Army drives ahead on land and in the air.

[Music. On screen: United News]

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