Australia's Prime Minister Speaks (1942) newsreel

Running time
1 min 8 sec
Date made
Place made
Sydney, New South Wales

Copyright expired - public domain

With Japan's entry into the war and the bombing of Darwin, Prime Minister John Curtin and his government put Australia on a total war footing. In this newsreel footage, we see the Prime Minister of Australia, John Curtin, speaking about Australia's war efforts in April 1942. This film would have been shown at cinemas throughout Australia. British Pathé FILM ID: 1324.03


The launching of Australia's 35 million-pound War Loan Drive in Sydney is celebrated in spectacular fashion in the New South Wales capital. It also brings to the microphone the Commonwealth's Prime Minister Mr. Curtin. "The War Cabinet today directed the War Cabinet to gazette the necessary regulations for the complete mobilisation and the complete ordering of all the resources, human and material, in this Commonwealth for the defence of this Commonwealth." [Applause] "That means, clearly and specifically, that every human being in this country is now, whether he or she likes it, at the service of the Government to work in the defence of Australia." That is all in war as Australia see's it.

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