On the Border

Running time
2 min 6 sec
Date made
Place made
Borneo: Sarawak
Australian War Memorial

This film gives some insight into the type of terrain and jungle through which Australians patrolled in Borneo. The value of helicopters in lifting men to and from operations is also evident as is the role played by Iban people in guiding the Australians through this unfamiliar country. [AWM F04666]

[In black and white footage a soldier holding a gun and carrying radio gear on his back moves through a sea of dense, head-high vegetation. Another soldier follows, holding his rifle across his chest. Soldiers move warily from the jungle into a clearing.

Soldiers crouch in a circle. One points to a diagram on the ground. Soldiers talk and smile. One soldier is a local.

The soldiers move through different areas of jungle, at times struggling against the thick vegetation. Holding their rifles ready, they constantly scan the area.

A helicopter descends into a clearing near jungle-clad mountains, landing by piled equipment. An empty helicopter lands. Holding their packs in one hand, soldiers run across and quickly clamber inside. The commander ushers his men into the helicopter before joining them. "Royal Air Force" is painted above the door. Rotors spinning, the helicopter takes off. It lands. A number of insignia, featuring crowns, are painted on the side of a helicopter.

Soldiers patrol through the jungle. Soldiers crouch in discussion. One draws on his hand with his finger. Soldiers wade through waist-high vegetation. They crouch together in a clearing. The leader points at a diagram on the ground. The leader stands talking to his men. Wearing headphones over his hat, a soldier speaks.]

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