Fighting Patrol

Running time
2 min 14 sec
Date made
Place made
Australian War Memorial

This film shows Australian soldiers training for the type of jungle warfare they expected to encounter in the jungles of Borneo during Confrontation. These men are being trained in counter-attacking after an ambush. In the event such incidents were comparatively rare, the Australians, however, were able to demonstrate their own proficiency in laying ambushes on several occasions. [AWM F03173]


[Soldiers moving through thick, head-high vegetation wear helmets camouflaged with leaves. They hold their rifles ready, diagonally across their bodies.]

NARRATOR: In hostile country where visibility is limited and movement restricted by jungle growth patrolling requires special skills for the infantry soldier.

[The six soldiers file through a field of head-high grass. The first soldier struggles through the long grass, flattening it for those behind him.]

NARRATOR: Practicing patrol techniques is an essential part of a soldier'Â’s training. He must have complete confidence in his own ability and be able to take his place as an efficient member of a fighting team.

[A soldier pushes through leaves and fern fronds, looks around warily, then continues. The soldiers wear packs on their backs. Looking around constantly, the soldiers move through shorter grass.]

NARRATOR: He must be alert for the slightest sound that could indicate the presence of the enemy. He must move silently, and at all times be prepared for immediate reaction to possible ambush.

[Long, thick grass is pushed aside, revealing a soldier lying on his stomach. He wears a different uniform. Soldiers in camouflaged uniforms edge across a rope bridge that runs over a murky river. Gripping the rope above their heads with both arms, they slide their boots across a second rope. An enemy soldier lying in the grass fires a machine gun.]

NARRATOR: Enemy barbed wire defences cause only a slight delay in the advance.

[Near the camouflaged soldiers, water explodes into the air. Two soldiers fall from the rope. One makes it to shore. More camouflaged soldiers wade across the river. Smoke billowing around them, camouflaged soldiers run from the jungle to the river. Near a dugout hidden in thick vegetation, their enemy keep shooting. Thick smoke drifts across a field. Camouflaged soldiers run through it and leap down a slope. Smoke explodes around rolls of barbed wire. Soldiers fall on the wire, flattening it. Their comrades run over it and splash through water.]

NARRATOR: Close enough now for grenades.

[Under fire, the camouflaged soldiers charge across a field. One dives into long grass. Crouching, a camouflaged soldier take a grenade from a pouch, pulls the pin and throws it. He and his comrades dive face down. In thick grass and vegetation, a huge cloud of smoke and dirt explodes into the air. Smoke drifts around a dugout. Holding a gun, an enemy soldier clambers out. A gun is aimed steadily. Another enemy soldier climbs out. Holding their guns high over their heads, the enemy soldiers walk from their dugout.]

NARRATOR: The mock enemy is beaten and members of the patrol are a step closer to mastery of the techniques of jungle warfare.

[The enemy soldiers are disarmed. Hands on their heads, they walk through the long grass at gunpoint.]

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