Gladys Waters, wife of Len Waters, Australia’s first Aboriginal Fighter Pilot video

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1 min 19 sec
Date made
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Department of Veterans' Affairs

Gladys Waters talks about her husband Len, Australia's first Aboriginal Fighter Pilot.


My full name is Gladys May Waters. Len was joined the airforce because that was his dream.

Len was flying. They were going out doing clean up. Got a shell from the Japanese attack up between his back and the back of his seat where the fuel tank was.

Now it didn't go off, Len didn't know how big it was and he was scared. He said he was "really scared".

Now he was two and a half hours before he could get back to his airport. And they had to clear the drome of all aircrafts because they didn't know if the shell had go off. And Len said when he went to land he said "I could have landed on egg shells, I had the best landing I've ever had in my life."

Yeah, that was the closing thing for him during the war.

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