John Brownbill and John Jarrett - Freezing your tongue

Running time
1 min 28 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


JJ: You know how it's a normal reaction to stir your coffee and then lick your spoon? I seen a bloke do that one time in Korea, stirred the coffee and put it in like that and the spoon stuck to his lip. Now the only way they could get that was put electric wires on it to heat the spoon up to get it off his lip, otherwise it would have torn the skin off.

JB: I was out on patrol one night with one of my chaps. The Owen gun has a magazine sticking up like that, and for some reason he saw something and he licked it. And I grabbed the gun and pulled it like that and pulled about a quarter of an inch of his tongue off. If I hadn't done that he would have lost his whole tongue.

JJ: You've never seen cold like it.

JB: I think we used to have about five pairs of gloves to wear. With a Vickers gun you hold it like that and pull in here and press like that. Your hands are so cold that fellas would do that and press like that. You just couldn't bend your hands, even with gloves on. It has to be experienced. It's one thing you can't explain.

JJ: That's what I say about each conflict throughout the war, throughout the world, is different because the people can only talk of their experiences. You can't relate to somebody else's war and compare it. It's like chalk and cheese.

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